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Railway transportation

  • Calculation and payment of rail tariffs
  • Preparation of cargoes before loading into railway waggon
  • Rolling stock inflow
  • Organization of handling operation  using special equipment
  • Issuance of accompanying transport documents
  • Cargo transportation by  any kind of rolling stock on the railways of Ukraine, CIS, Baltic States, Europe and Asia, including route and ferry Illichivsk-Poti
  • Transportation of oversized and heavy lift cargoes on railway platforms and railway transporters
  • Determination of the type and number of rolling stock, which will be used for transportation of oversized cargoes by rail
  • Development and approval of mounting and loading of oversized and heavy cargoes
  • Coordination and approval of conditions and specific  transportation routes of oversized cargoes
  • Customs clearance under all conditions of delivery, from EXW to DDP
  • Transportation of sea line containers from “door to door”, under customs control in the container trains in inner and international transport corridors
  • Responsibility  for the return and safety of containers
  • Protection of cargoes during transportation
  • Rolling stock movement monitoring on the whole route with regular information to the client
  • Receipt ion of cargoes at railway stations and delivery to customers’ warehouse
  • Cargo transfer to ports
Covered Wagon
High-sided Wagon
Platform (universal)
Hopper Car
Transporter Waggon