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Customs brokerage

  • More than 20 years of successful experience in customs brokerage services in Ukraine
  • Highly professional team of brokers and managers
  • Thoughtful checking all necessary documents for customs clearance according to Legislation and client’s demands
  • Long – term practice of dealing with government entities
  • Customs Clearance, in all customs regimes at all Customs house divisions of Ukraine
  • Analysis of correspondence of Ukrainian HS codes and permitting documents in relation to the European ones
  • Broad experience in dealing with ATA Carnet and declaring of temporary import/export
  • Solutions for temporary import/export of exhibitions, concerts, conferences
  • Professional consultation on Foreign Economic Activity, document analysis, identifying of HS codes, non-tariff regulation documents for customs clearance
  • Preliminary work with documents, careful risk analysis prior to customs clearance;
  • Duties and other payment services
  • Customs clearance of complex objects
  • Education of the staff, according to the international program of actions against corruption

Own software product “Customs Data”, IT solutions for customs clearance and storage of information:

  • Monitoring of certificates and documents validity period
  • Universal solution for reading and recognizing invoices in various formats: TXT, XLS, PDF, DBF, CSV, DOC, XML, SAP IDoc etc. It allows recognizing and importing into the database the required amount of data in required structure
  • Reliable error checking system for declaring: weight, price, transfer, name, country, quantity, lot, extra requisites. Allows avoiding human errors when declaring and reducing risks
  • Integrated data exchange with MD office, QD pro. Allows speeding up the declaration process significantly
  • Unique mechanisms for selection of translation and foreign economic activity codes. Accelerate the process of coding and translation based on established databases and processed algorithms.
  • System of reports and key indicators. Allows you to obtain valuable analytics / reports for decision-making
  • Complete declarations database since 2005. Contains history and accumulated experience of working with various industries
  • Automation and integration with Client software on its request. IT professionals team will assist you to get the most effect when you need to automate processes
  • Automated solutions for industries: Fashion, Cosmetics, Household chemicals, Medicine, Telecommunications, Spare parts
  • Preparation of automated forms and types of reporting
  • Automated document validity tracking system
  • In-house checkpoint and performance monitoring system for monitoring and analysis to continuously improve process