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Protection of trade secrets and confidential information

Tandem Project Logistic has created an effective system of measures to ensure the protection of information, which constitutes trade secrets and confidential information of Customers, Suppliers, Company and employees.

Since 2014, the Company has been operating a new version of the Regulation on ensuring the protection of information, which constitutes trade secrets and confidential information. The company in its activities and relations with customers, suppliers and employees uses advanced developments and international experience in ensuring the protection of confidential information.

The company regularly organizes and conducts confidential seminars and trainings for its employees.

As an integral component of the complex of measures undertaken by the Company, while ensuring the confidentiality of Customers and Suppliers, a special place is occupied by:

  • The obligation to maintain (non-disclosure) of trade secrets and confidential information – which is signed by each employee of the Company and all specialists involved, before proceeding with work with the information of Clients, Contractors and the Company.
  • Agreement on the protection of confidential information, according to which the Company assumes an irrevocable obligation regarding non-disclosure and preservation of the confidential information regime of customers and Suppliers.
  • An instruction on the procedure for handling documents, other tangible information carriers that contain trade secrets and confidential information, which contains detailed and comprehensive mechanisms and instructions for employees of the Company on handling confidential information and trade secrets.

The company in its activities provides comprehensive protection of trade secrets and confidential information of customers, suppliers, companies and employees, a means of achieving which was also the creation and successful operation of an IT information control system. The company understands and accepts the fact that information is a valuable and vital resource. Therefore, the Company takes regular measures to protect all available information from accidental or intentional disclosure, the optimal organization of information management, maintaining the high technological level of the Company with appropriate equipment and professional IT personnel.

The above set of measures allows the Company to apply advanced methods and developments in its activities, to fulfill all the requirements of legislative, regulatory and other requirements related to ensuring the protection of trade secrets and confidential information of Clients, Suppliers, the Company and employees.