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About company

"The essence of any business can be summarized in three words: people, product, profit. If you have problems with the first point, you can forget about the other two."

Lee Iacocca - Ford Motor Company President


Company began its existence in 1995 as an agent of a large international logistics provider. All these years we have successfully provided a full service in the international logistics forwarding of goods “from door to door” by any mode of transport. Our focus is the connection of all freight forwarding services to a single product for the Client, even if the supply chains are provided by different logistics operators. Account Management is an individual client-oriented solution of high standards.Also in 2013, the best market experts were involved to enter the contract logistics market in Kiev and provide 3 PL services.


We are grateful to all of our customers with whom we have established a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. We make appreciate work with you! Our long-term cooperation, as well as all your references, is the priceless reward for all of us!We sincerely wish you success and prosperity!

Quality standards

Win the competition with not price but with special qualities of your product. – Michael Raynor

Effective organization of logistics based on the standards of quality and automation, quick decision making and the development of customized solutions come as a pledge of our customers’ competitive products and their logistic component.The strategic goal in the field of quality is gaining and preservation of fully customer’s trust, by providing them with high quality services, determined on the basis of customer satisfaction study that turn up to be corporate standard activities in the process of continuous improvement, as well as efficiency and effectiveness measurement.

Quality and Compliance

Carefully matching the needs and expectations of our customers with the solutions of our company, taken in scope of the law is the key to our long-term successful cooperation with the world market leaders, who are now our customers.


Continuous improvement of our own professionalism and quality on the one hand and the extensive study of our clients’ needs in terms of industries on the other hand help us to develop and successfully implement effective solutions for our clients. The principles of continuous staff development and processes improvement help us to provide our customers with solutions that are beyond the standard frames.


Processes automation and integration of software solutions enable us to manage the processes in more effective way, as well as to considerably expand the information data required for various operational and financial reporting for the company and customers.