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Social policy and labour protection

Actions of the company in regard to social policy.

The Company is guided by the Labor Code of Ukraine and other regulations concerning the employment relationship between the employee and employer in work with Human Resources.The Company does not permit discrimination on the appearance, gender, age, nationality, religion, access to vacant positions, training, benefits, vacations in recruitment.The Company does not allow profanity, words and gestures that express threat, offensive language between employees.The Company guarantees the timely payment of wages, paid leave and sick.The Company respects the right of employees to express their opinions, participates in professional and trade union associations.The Company provides each employee supplementary health insurance program.The Company supports employees who find themselves in a difficult situation.

Actions of the company in regard to ecology and environmental protection.

The Company meets the requirements of the legislative, regulatory and other requirements related to ecology and environmental protection.The Company tries to minimize pollution, fuel consumption, energy, water in its work.The Company takes into account the effect of their impact on the environment when making production decisions.

Actions of the company in regard to occupational safety and health.

Safety in the company Tandem Project Logistic is a system of measures for the preservation of life and health of workers in the workplace, which includes legal, socio-economic, organizational, technical and other activities.Legal actions include:

  • Conclusion of individual labor contracts
  • Collective bargaining
  • Establishment and functioning of the system and administrative documentation (regulations, standards, orders, etc.)
  • Maintain documentation of strict accountability and implementation of records management

Social and economic activities include:

  • Compulsory insurance against temporary disability, occupational diseases, accidents
  • Reduction of working time duration (in jobs with hazardous working conditions, as well as certain categories of workers (disabled, minors))

Organizational and technical measures include:

  • Education on labor protection
  • A special assessment of working conditions at the workplace
  • Organization of the proper operation of vehicles, special equipment, means of communication and transmission of information
  • Rationalization of jobs
  • Design and use of means of collective protection (heating, mechanical and natural ventilation, lighting, etc.).

The composition of the labor protection system includes the following elements:

  • Occupational health defined as a system of organizational measures and technical means to prevent or reduce the impact on the working of harmful factors
  • Occupational health is characterized as a preventive medicine that studies the conditions and nature of work, and their impact on health and functional condition of the person and develops scientific bases and practical measures aimed at preventing the harmful and dangerous effects of factors of production environment and labor process at work
  • Electrical Safety is security of state employees from the harmful and dangerous effects of electric current, electric arc, electromagnetic fields and static electricity
  • Fire safety is the state of security of the individual, society and state property from fires correction: Fire safety is not within the competence of the Ministry of Labor. This is an area the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The Ministry of Emergency Situations normalizes, controls and checks.
  • Health and Safety is the science of comfort and safety of human interaction with the techno sphere
  • Occupational health and safety management is organization of work safety, reduce injuries and accidents, occupational diseases, improvement of working conditions for the creation, based on the complex problems of safe and harmless working conditions. Based on the application of legal regulations in the field of occupational safety and health
  • Professional Risk Management is a set of interrelated activities, including measures to identify, assess and reduce occupational risk levels.