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Corporate culture

Company Code

Company Code is a document of rules that guide our employees in their daily lives.

It will be helped to adapt successfully to the requirements for new member of our team and to connect with the team. In our work we are guided by the principles of business communication, adopted by the international community. We use a client-oriented approach as well as to the customer or the employees of the Company and strive we are follow the golden rule of life and business: “In everything, as you want people do to you, so you do the same to them”.

Employee – is the driving force of our business

We create a working environment which every member of our team will be able to realize his or her ambitions and contribute to long-term prosperity of the company on the market.We take into account each employee’s contribution to the overall result, and encourage him or her to achieve by material incentives.We respect the personal opinion of the employee and appreciate proactive, initiative, loyalty to the Company’s interests. We offer equal opportunities to move up the career ladder.We are maintaining the employees’ desire for professional and personal development. We are a united team, the result of which depends on the contribution of each.We treat each other with kindness, courtesy, mutual respect. Honestly and openly discuss all arising in the process of dispute. We do not use information obtained in the company for personal reasons, and do not pass it to third parties.We conscientiously perform our duties, abide by the rules of the internal labor regulations and carry out management orders.

Company employees – are the united team aimed at the achievement of strategic objectives.

We pay attention to the needs of our workers and try to take them into account.Managers respect the personal dignity of employees and do not allow themselves to negatively colored emotional expressions and actions.Employees of departments coordinate their actions with colleagues in carrying out the projects.Any questions that might lead to conflict situations are discussed with the management.If you need to take a non-standard solution, employees are guided in their actions the Company’s interests.When communicating with each other, with Customers, Suppliers, our employees follow the rules of business ethics.

Society – is an important part of business environment.

We encourage employees to participate in social and charitable activities.We welcome suggestions for employees of business optimization.The employee has the right to participate in the political life of society, but the campaign in support of a political event is prohibited.We create the favorable information field and transfer to the customers, partners and employees information about the company and its achievements.

The Company cares for its main resource that are employees.

We pay attention to the resources provided by our customers, suppliers and employees.We carefully use the material resources provided by the Company.We do not use the position of the Company, information and resources for personal purposes.We strive to use rationally of our operations time, and time of our colleagues, customers and partners.We try to minimize the impact of our business on the environment and preserve the planet’s natural resources.

The Company protects confidential information which, if it disclosed, would injure the Customers, Suppliers, Company or employees.

  • We hire for attitude, we teach skills
  • Create conditions to detect and fulfill the potential
  • "No" to interpretations
  • "Yes" to suggestions
  • We appreciate time management/resource
  • Delegation is release of space
  • Freedom due to responsibility
  • Structurally, we resist the problems and efficiently solve the problems
  • Focus on results
  • We encourage the implementation of quality
  • We strive for the lowest loss of personnel in the industry
  • Satisfied employer - satisfied customer
  • Managers
  • The involvement, influence, persistence
  • Stimulation of development
  • Constructive dialogue
  • Self-criticism
  • Respect
  • Vision
  • Standardization of process
  • Continuous improvement: search and introduction
  • Ecological optimization Innovative Solutions
  • Maintaining core competencies
  • Information Technology is the way to the quality
  • Reducing the cost of retaining quality
  • Clearly clarifies mutual intentions and expectations
  • We make work easier with us
  • "Do you have chaos in logistics? - Then we go to you!"
  • We come on a calculated risk, to encourage and reward the calculated risks
  • To create innovative and competitive products and services
  • The satisfied customer is the criterion of quality.
  • “No man is an island”
  • "We" instead of "I"
  • Our company gives base for developing of personality
  • Organization is absolute priority
  • Keeping customers and employees
  • The spirit of entrepreneurship related to the team
  • Enjoy the creative ideas
  • Using changes and challenge to the "status quo"
  • Difficulties resistance
  • Constructive self-criticism: learn from mistakes and successes
  • Achieving the results with pleasure
  • A mature attitude to disagreements
  • Corporate lexicon
  • Great work starts with the creative team
  • We are creative team!